Suggested Payment Guidelines

BreathingGolden Tamarack Acupuncture:

•     Committed to high quality acupuncture treatments while maintaining affordable rates in a supportive environment of care.

•     Come for treatment often enough to get better and stay better.

Initial Treatment: $100.00

approximately 1 1/2 hours, includes health history, consent, confidentiality forms, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) interview and exam, discussion of treatment plan as well as experiencing first treatment. Time is afforded to discuss and answer all treatment questions.

Follow up treatments: $75.00

approximately 1 hour, includes a brief TCM follow-up interview, exam and treatment.

Adjunctive TCM Therapies include: Moxibustion, tui na, acupressure, cupping, auricular therapy, electro stimulation, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Regular follow up visits are encouraged. Acupuncture works best if experienced on a regular basis until the benefits are realized and the health problem(s) are eliminated or reduced to within a tolerated level determined by you. Acupuncture treatments are like building blocks. You may think of it as similar to taking a course of treatment in Western Medicine where a medication or treatment is prescribed for a certain length of time in order to achieve intended results. Your acupuncture practitioner may recommend a course of frequent, regular treatments until the desired effect has been achieved.